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Timothy Adrian Jimenez, P.E.(Professional Engineer)

Seeking the Republican Nomination for the US Senate

My Pledge as a Senator

-I promise to hold all public servants accountable to the restraints of the Constitution, regardless of party.   

-I will not exempt myself from the Affordable Healthcare Act as other legislators have.

-I will not buy, sell, or trade stocks, bonds, or other financial tools while in office to avoid the appearance of "insider trading" as other legislators do.

-I will serve a maximum of 2 terms. I know we have all heard that before, but I enjoy my job as an engineer and do not believe public service should be a career.

-I will not accept any retirement plan given to legislators. The burden of retirement is for me to cover, not tax payers. 

-I will always advocate for and support the Utah Caucus System.


With a unique life experience, Tim understands what it is like to live on the margins of society. “As Washington legislates based on theories of governance We the People pay the price for their decisions. As a person that grew up on the margin of society I was significantly affected by Washington’s actions. My mother was told not to work and the government would take care of her and her 6 sons. Making us dependents and teaching my 5 younger brothers and I how to not work was Washington’s solution to poverty. My mother knew that her example would set a direction for her children’s lives. With this in mind she graciously accepted help from neighbors and our community, but she never stopped working as if our survival was her responsibility. As a poor child I never saw happy middle class and upper class families around me as a threat or somehow responsible for my family's situation. I didn’t envy or covet what they had. I didn’t want to punish them for their success. I used them as a model for my own success. I wanted to be like them and I didn’t want to be punished when I became as successful”.


As Tim grew up in Moscow, Idaho he learned the importance of freedom of religion and political thought. Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, Washington, 6 miles from Moscow, were small communities with land grant universities. The surrounding communities depended on agriculture and silviculture (logging). Additionally, Moscow’s proximity to Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon helped Tim experience many different philosophies on life. “I went to elementary school with people from all over the world.  Most of my friends in junior high and high school had different beliefs ranging from Buddhism and Bahai, agnostic to atheist, and the Abrahamic faiths (Christianity, Islamism, and Judaism ). Additionally, there were socialist, anarchists, and capitalists, each group discussing the virtues of democracy versus republicanism. As I explored all of these faiths and political views I was able to come to an understanding of what my beliefs were and how to defend liberty and limited government."


Tim pursued his interest in nature and industry at the University of Idaho. “I have always loved nature and the outdoors. I believe God gave us everything for our use. In this country we are blessed with a vast amount of natural resources. I wanted to help companies utilize these resources in a responsible way. However, I quickly learned that many of the people I was going to school with did not have the same interest as me. Many dreamed of working for State and Federal agencies to stop “evil” companies from using our resources. I often found myself defending free-market ideas with my classmates. It scared me that the companies that provide us with everything that make modern life possible were to be regulated by anti-free-market bureaucrats.”   

Tim works for energy companies, mines, manufacturers, and rural Utah communities. During a week Tim could be surveying a stream near a coal mine, designing a haul road for a mine, sampling a well for an oil refinery, permitting a drinking water system, advising a client on how to meet storm water regulations, or designing a reclamation plan for a mine. “Most engineers work in one field, do the same thing every day, and are stuck behind a desk. Working for a small company has given me an opportunity to work across multiple fields and disciplines and to get outside and get my hands dirty. I love the challenge of having to be an expert in so many areas.”


Tim worked as an adviser and liaison between his client and regulatory agencies during the Red Butte Crude Oil Release and Willard Bay Diesel Fuel Release. He oversaw and advised on cleaning efforts and techniques, performed water and soil sampling, designed and oversaw restoration projects, and categorized and documented the level of impact during these events. Tim has also designed and permitted multiple projects for oil companies, mines, and industrial clients which have led to the creation of many quality jobs in Utah.

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